Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Started on the Dash Diet

Good morning! Hope you checked out the info on the Dash Diet. Here are some more links that helped me out.

Dash Eating Plan

Top 5 Tips for Shopping and Cooking


Make a Dash Diet Plan

Guide to Recommended Servings

Dash Diet Recipes

If you like you can just follow any low-fat diet that you like. I have used some of my Weight Watcher recipes and there are many sites on the Internet that have low-fat recipes.

I ran across the Sparks People site, it has some great recipes and they are reviews by the people who have tried the recipe. I prefer to use sites that have reviews, at least you can tell how it is liked before you try it. It is free to join, it also has many other tools you can use, but I have never really figured it all out yet. Here is the link to their site:

Hope you will check these great links out. I am still trying to get in the mode to get back on track.


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