Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Started on a Low-Fat Diet

Today I am continuing on information to help you control gall bladder removal diarrhea.

I have done some research on the Dash Diet and will share some links for you to check out. Dash stand for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. So this diet has more than just one purpose for me, lower blood pressure, control gall bladder removal diarrhea and lose weight. When I started the Dash Diet I charted what I ate of each group. Usually I was not able to eat everything, so you will not starve on this diet. It is just eating the food groups like we all should be doing anyway, right.

The reason the Dash Diet caught my attention is was rated as the top diet. Food groups you will have are:
Fruits|Vegetables|Fat Free or Low Fat Milk and Dairy|Whole Grains|Lean Meat, Fish and Poultry|Nuts, Seeds, & Legumes|Oils|Sweets|Sodium|Alcohol

Check this link out it is full of information.

If you decide to follow the Dash Diet check this link out for the caculator for the number of servings recommended from each food group.

I will be adding more info for a healtier life for us all.


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