Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Day to Get Started!

I am trying to get going on my low-fat eating plan, I am doing good part of the day, then something get throw in front of me and no will power. I keep trying to think of being free from the constant diarrhea to get me motivated.

I try to have my meat, vegtable, starch and a fruit at each meal. In our area produce is so expensive I usually have to get canned or frozen fruit or juice and frozen vegetables. I just shop the specials with produce.

This link will give you a sample menu.

We have went on diets in the past and we just do not like most of the low-fat products. We just use the regular product and try to cut down on the amount we use. This works for us and keeps us trying. Hope you are getting interested in trying low-fat eating for a better life.


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